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Green vaults (Grunes Gewolbe) in Germany, Dresden spa

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The Dresden Treasury of the Saxon Electors Green Vaults is the largest collection of jewels in Europe. More than 3000 items of silver, gold and precious stones are included in the priceless   fund of this collection. There are products made of brass, ebony and amber, ivory and bronze. The accumulation of such a large number of treasures is associated with the important political and economic role of the Saxon kurfursts. Since the 12th century, when silver deposits were discovered in the mountains of Saxony, Germany has become the most important supplier of this metal in Europe. All this contributed to the development of crafts, urban planning and the economy of the cities of Saxony. The Wettin dynasty was distinguished by an extraordinary development in matters of art and craft skills. This dynasty created fertile soil for the development of painting and art in Saxony.   Kurfurst August in 1560 founded the Kunstkamera in Dresden. It covered in its exposition all the branches of technology and science known at that time. It is from this Kunstkamera to the treasury   Grunes Gewolbe   valuable items made of gilded silver and shells of ostrich eggs and coconuts, astronomical clocks and ivory items were received.

A special room was allocated placement of the first museum. Since the vaults of this room were painted green, the name of the treasury appeared in the everyday life of the townspeople -" Grunes Gewolbe (Green Vaults). With increasing   two more collections were added to the main room.   They contained treasures from the royal cache. For the museum of that time, the exhibits of Grunes Gewolbe were processed and combined into an exposition at a high level of scientific processing. This still deserves the respect of modern museum specialists.

Today, the Green Vault Museum is known far beyond Germany's borders, because it possesses such rare exhibits that cannot be found in any other museum. For example, one of the most beautiful adornments of the early 16th century is a Rosette Pendant. This piece is interesting with a large diamond in the center. Admires the art of jewelers of that time, who had to compose it from separate small stones. The reason for such a laborious work was the requirement of the Indian Great Mughals - the only owners of the diamond deposit – do not export large stones from the country. The work of assembling a larger stone from small ones was extremely laborious and expensive, available only to a few specialists. It is simply amazing how the master did it with such imperfect technical means.

The Grunes Gewolbe collection fully meets the representativeness of the monarch's power. It is luxurious and   wealth of creative imagination, grace and high cost. Therefore, the restoration of the museum in the post-war period took a lot of money and effort, and today the collection of ancient treasures is again available to admiring visitors.


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Topic: Green vaults (Grunes Gewolbe) in Germany, Dresden spa.Green vaults (Grunes Gewolbe) in Germany, Dresden spa

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