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Procession of Princes (Furstenzun) in Germany, resort of Dresden

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Procession of princes – very famous   attraction   Dresden. From the Palace Square along Austusstrasse Street stretches the 102-meter wall of the former royal stable. In the center of this wall is a colossal image of a solemn procession of 35 representatives of the Wetting dynasty. The panel depicts electors, kings, scientists and artists, surrounded by a large retinue. This great procession is led by Conrad the Great, who ruled Saxony from 1127 to 1156. The procession of princes is completed by King George, the penultimate Saxon king, who was in power until 1904. Each of the rulers can be recognized by the signature under the picture. Since King August III, the last of the Wetting dynasty, was still alive at the time of the creation of the panel, his picture on Furstenzun is missing. The venerable procession is closed by a group of outstanding sculptors, artists and scientists of that time. Among them you can find an image of the author of the painting, Wilhelm Walter. Next to him is the figure of his teacher Julius Hubner, who is holding   a sketch of this   panel in hand.

Original image   the processions of the princes were made with lime paints using the sgraffito technique. Sgraffito   is a special painting technique that allows you to achieve special durability of wall paintings or panels. But in spite of the technique used, the original work of Wilhelm Walter   turned out to be short-lived, and in 1904-1907. it was transferred to ceramic tiles. This is how an impressive composition appeared on 24 thousand porcelain tiles, made at the famous Meissen manufactory. The quality of Fzrstenzun was tested in the fires of military battles in 1945, when the porcelain tiles, hardened at high temperatures, remained intact. Only about 200 tiles were to be replaced.

The procession of princes became an integral part of the history and culture of Dresden. During the celebration of the 800th anniversary of Dresden, a costumed procession of princes was organized, samples for which were taken from a panel by Wilhelm Walter.   The costumes made for this event are now on display at Rokhlitz Castle.


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Topic: Procession of Princes (Furstenzun) in Germany, resort of Dresden.Procession of Princes (Furstenzun) in Germany, resort of Dresden

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