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Golden Horseman in Germany, Dresden spa

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On the Dresden Neust?dter Markt there is a monument known to many as The Golden Horseman.

  This monument   was erected in honor of Augustus the Strong in 1736, three years after his death. August is depicted looking like Julius Caesar – in Roman armor and with a laurel crown on his head.

The equestrian statue was made by Ludwig Wiedemann, a German sculptor, in 1732-1734. The sculpture of Augustus was made of copper, and a gold amalgam was placed on top. The pedestal was erected by the French architect Zacharias Longuelun. Opening ceremony of the Golden Horseman took place in 1736. The first restoration was required in 1884 by the architect Lipisius Constantin.

During the Second World War, the 'Horseman' tried to save. It was disassembled   and taken for storage to Pilnitz Castle. When it came time to rebuild, in 1953 the sculptor Flemming Walter set to work on the job. Three years later, the shining golden statue was installed in its original place.

The monument to Augustus the Strong is valuable for the Germans not only for its artistic qualities. The fact is that the personality of this ruler is very   revered in Germany. Influence of August   on the cultural development of Saxony at one time was quite significant. Many cultural monuments were created by his order. The fact is also known that under the patronage of Augustus, numerous attempts were made to extract gold from mercury by various alchemical methods. As a result of one of them, the alchemist Johannes Bottger made porcelain instead of gold, and the first porcelain manufactory in Europe began to bring decent income to Saxony.

In addition, August the Strong became the actual founder of the most famous Dresden museums -;   Galleries   old masters (Dresden gallery) and the Green Vault treasury.

In gratitude for the many merits of August this wonderful decoration of the Saxon capital was installed - – statue of the Golden Horseman.  


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Topic: Golden Horseman in Germany, Dresden spa.Golden Horseman in Germany, Dresden spa

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