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Bruhl Terrace in Germany, resort Bavaria

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Bruhl's Terrace or Balcony of Europe – it is one of the most famous architectural ensembles in Dresden. It is located   in the very center of the city on the embankment of the Elbe River. The most beautiful bridges of the city – the Carola bridge and the Augustus the Strong bridge – surround   Bruhl Terrace on both sides. The terrace is a 600-meter long alley around which famous galleries and mansions are located. This place is also the centerpiece of the picturesque Canaletto panorama, which offers magnificent views of the old Dresden.

The terrace was named after Count Heinrich von Bruhli. It was he who gave the order to build along the terrace such famous buildings as Bruhl's residence, Brunetti's Garden, Gallery and Bruhl Library. Today in the Bruhl Terrace   also included buildings Supreme   Ships Saxony and Academy of Fine Arts Dresden. So the terrace, which was part of the fortifications of the Dresden Fortress of the 16th century, turned into a cultural center and a favorite resting place for the inhabitants of this city.

Unfortunately, many buildings built under Heinrich von Bruhly have not survived to our time. They were lost during the restoration work of the early XX century.   Then, during the hostilities in February 1945, the terrace was practically destroyed. Only in the post-war period the main buildings of the terrace were restored.

Nowadays Bruhl Terrace has become a favorite resting place for residents of the city and its many guests. There are a large number of restaurants and cafes, the sites of which offer a beautiful view of the panorama of old Dresden.

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Topic: Bruhl Terrace in Germany, resort Bavaria.Bruhl Terrace in Germany, resort Bavaria

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