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Dresden Picture Gallery in Germany, Dresden spa

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Gallery of old masters (Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister) – a world-famous collection of unique paintings from the Renaissance to the Baroque period. This gallery is also known as the Dresden Art Gallery as it is located in Dresden. The collection of paintings was created during the reign of kings August II and August III in the first half of the 18th century, and every year it was replenished with true masterpieces of art. Works by Van Dyck, Rubens, Titian, Giorgione   brought the gallery well-deserved fame. Among them are the pearls of the collection - the `` Sistine Madonna '' Raphael and Sleeping Venus Giorgione. The Dresden Gallery is considered one of the most visited art collections in Europe.

The Dresden Picture Gallery is located under the arches of the Albertinum Museum of Ancient Art. This museum is located in the center of old Dresden, on the embankment of the Elbe River. Founded in 1728 by August the Strong, the Albertinum was a large collection of ancient paintings and sculptures belonging to the Saxon kurfurst dynasties. Over time, the collection grew and replenished, became of significant value   thanks to the rare works of art collected in it. Only during the Third Reich the most valuable paintings of the artists of Symbolism and Cubism were removed from the collection – sold out or burned. The Nazis recognized their examples of `` degrading art '' and the collection was destroyed for the first time.

The name Albertinum comes from the name of the younger   branches of the Saxon reigning house   Germany – Albertine line ('Albertinumlinea'). In order to accommodate the numerous works of art, a separate Renaissance building was erected. Today the museum consists of two galleries: Galleries of the Old Masters   (Dresden Picture Gallery) and Gallery   new masters.

Gallery of new masters chronologically continues the collection of Old   Galleries. It contains 2500 paintings from the period of the 19th and 20th centuries. The period of romanticism is represented by the best paintings by Caspar Friedrich, Ludwig Richter and Karl   Carus. Expressionism and Impressionism represent the work of Lovis Corinth, Max Slefond and Otto Dix. The Gallery of New Masters also has an exposition of coins and a sculpture hall. Sculptures from Auguste Rodin to the early 21st century are housed on three floors in the most modern exhibition halls. Among the rarest exhibits is a statue of Athena Lemnia after the original of Phidias, and a figurine of a dancing maenad after the original by the sculptor Scops. The hall of coins presents for viewing more than 200 thousand coins, impressions, seals. The Saxon period is well represented.

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Topic: Dresden Picture Gallery in Germany, Dresden spa.Dresden Picture Gallery in Germany, Dresden spa

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