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Dresdner Reisidenzschloss in Germany, Dresden spa

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One of the oldest buildings in Dresden. Since 1464 in Drezdner Reisidenzschloss   Saxon electors were traditionally located, and since 1806,   the residence of the kings of Germany.

Numerous alterations and reconstructions have led to the fact that the architecture can be traced to a variety of architectural styles -   from Romanesque to eclecticism. Dresdner Reisidenzschloss   - an organic part of the 'Old Town', the historic center of Dresden.

During the Second World War, the Dresden castle-residence was badly destroyed. Recovery   started a long time ago, the final work will be completed in 2013. But even now, this beautiful building lives a full life, receives a large number of visitors every day. Within its walls there are five   permanent exhibitions, and various thematic displays of works of art from different times are often held.

Green Vaults   (Grunes Gewolbe) – richest collection   jewelry in Europe. The name appeared when   in the 16th century, a separate room was allocated for the collection and the ceiling was painted green. Later, the author of the Zwinger Matthaus   Daniel Peppelman added eight additional rooms and the stunning collection attracted a huge number of visitors. For example, in 2007 this museum was visited by 460 thousand people. More than 3000 exhibits in the interiors of the times of Augustus the Strong represent   jewelery treasures from   Renaissance to classicism.

Cabinet of coins ( M u nzkabinett ) presents a huge collection of coins and medals – more than 300 thousand. The collection has become a center for scientific research, since in addition to coins, it contains production equipment, stamps for printing money from antiquity to the present, as well as a rich public library.

В Engraving room ( Kupferstich-Kabinet) visitors there is a wonderful collection of drawings, prints and photographs of various world famous artists. Among them are paintings by Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Durer and Picasso.

Not so long ago, the exposition   Dresden   lock   added to the Turkish Chamber. It contains unique exhibits of martial art. Outside Turkey, this is the most complete and   significant collection of weapons of the Ottoman Empire. Chain mail, flags, helmets, ceremonial weapons were collected during the wars and received as diplomatic gifts.


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Topic: Dresdner Reisidenzschloss in Germany, Dresden spa.Dresdner Reisidenzschloss in Germany, Dresden spa

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