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Langer Gang in Germany, Dresden resort

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One of the pleasant and unusual attractions   Dresden   the long wing connecting the Georgenbau Palace and the royal stable is considered to be the Langer Gang. From the inside, this wing is decorated with 22 – me with round arches of the ancient Roman Tuscan order. But the main fame of this building is associated with the fresco on the outer part called `` Procession of Princes '' (F & uuml; rstenzug).   The fresco depicts a colossal image of a solemn procession of 35 representatives of the Wetting dynasty: electors, kings , scientists and artists, surrounded by a large retinue. The solemn procession is led by King Conrad the Great, who ruled Saxony from 1127 to 1156. The procession of princes is completed by King George, the penultimate Saxon king, who was in power until 1904. Each of the rulers can be recognized by the signature under the picture.   An impressive composition on 24 thousand porcelain tiles, was made at the famous Meissen manufactory, and immediately the pride of the inhabitants of Dresden.
During the military attack on Dresden in 1945, the Langer Gang wing was partially destroyed. After the war, restoration of this and other important historical monuments of Dresden took place. Since then, the Langer Gang has been a famous landmark in the Saxon capital.  

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Topic: Langer Gang in Germany, Dresden resort.Langer Gang in Germany, Dresden resort

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