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Isojarvi National Park in Finland

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ImageIsojarvi National Park is a large park in Central Finland. It occupies an area of 19 sq. km. The park was founded in 1982 on the site of old logging sites on the shores and islands of Lake Isojarvi. Among the notable sights of the park, one can single out the huts of the lumberjacks who lived in these places and worked in logging. Up to forty people lived in one house. An equipped bicycle path runs between the houses. There is also an abandoned farm built in the 18th century. The forests in the park are mainly spruce and pine. Recently, traces of ancient settlements and agricultural areas have been discovered within the national park. The most interesting way to explore the park is by water or by kayak. Along the banks there are special equipped places where you can stay overnight. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Isojarvi National Park in Finland.Isojarvi National Park in Finland

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