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Patvinsuo National Park in Finland

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ImagePatvinsuo National Park is a park in Finland located in the municipalities of Ilomantsi and Lieksi, North Karelia province. Occupying an area of 105 sq. km the park was founded in 1982. Landscapes in the park. Mostly marsh and forest. Of the forests, pine is most often found. The park is quite lively, numerous representatives of different species live here: mammals - bears and beavers; birds - crane, capercaillie, whooper swan, falcon, scottish partridge and, most notably, the rare bluetail. In Patvinsuo National Park there is a high Teretinniemi observation tower, from which you can not only explore the picturesque surroundings, but also visit the bird watching sites. In addition, there are three equipped hiking trails with a total length of over 80 kilometers. Also, visitors to Patvinsuo Park have the opportunity to ride a boat or kayak on Lake Suomunjarvi. On the shores of the lake there are places for camping, grill areas and other amenities. Boats also sail along the Suomunjoki River, blocked by beaver dams and trees that have fallen into the water. Patvinsuo National Park, along with the neighboring Petkeljarvi National Park, are part of the North Karelia Biosphere Reserve. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Patvinsuo National Park in Finland.Patvinsuo National Park in Finland

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