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Kolovesi National Park in Finland

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ImageKolovesi National Park is a park in Finland located near the town of Savonlinn. It was founded in 1990 and covers an area of 23 sq. km. There are several islands in the Kolovesi park: the large Mantusalo and Vaaysalo, and small rocky islets. Most of the forests in the park are coniferous: in the lowlands - spruce, on the hills - pines. But there are also birch forests in the park. The territory is home to a small population of the Saimaa ringed seal, which is on the verge of extinction and is in dire need of care. The places where the seal lives are closed to the public. On the other hand, you can see rock paintings over five thousand years old. It is recommended to inspect them from the water, by boat or kayak. Tourists are offered routes of varying difficulty. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Kolovesi National Park in Finland.Kolovesi National Park in Finland

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