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Perameri National Park in Finland

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ImagePerameri National Park is a park in the Gulf of Bothnia in Lapland. The park was founded in 1991 and covers an area of 157 sq. km, of which about 2.5 sq. km is land. The Swedish-Finnish border runs next to the national park. It is recommended to explore the park by boat, which can be rented in one of the nearest cities - Tornio or Kemi. The national park includes more than thirty islands of glacial origin, the largest of which is Selka-Sarvi. There are several attractions on the island, in particular, an abandoned fishing village, where Swedish liquor smugglers took refuge during the period of"Prohibition" in the country. Among other things, the park is of particular interest due to the local unique tectonics: every year the islands of Perameri rise by 9 mm. On the island of Selka-Sarvi there are places specially equipped for campgrounds. You can also stay overnight in abandoned houses. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Perameri National Park in Finland.Perameri National Park in Finland

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