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Lemmenjoki National Park in Finland

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ImageLemmenjoki National Park is a park in northern Finland. It is found in the communities of Kittila and Inari in Lapland province. The park was founded in 1956 and has expanded twice since then. The total area of the park is 1850 sq. km, making it the largest national park in Finland and one of the largest in Europe. The park got its name from the name of the river of the same name that flows through it. The territory of the national park borders on the territory of the Norwegian national park Evre-Anarjokka. More than 10 thousand tourists visit the Lemmenjoki National Park annually. The total length of the equipped walking paths and trails is 60 km, several bridges are thrown across the river, by the way, you can ride a boat on it. In addition, the park has forest huts where you can rest and eat, shelter from the rain. There are also areas in the park where gold is mined in summer. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Lemmenjoki National Park in Finland.Lemmenjoki National Park in Finland

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