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Lindisfarne Castle in the UK

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ImageLindisfarne Castle was founded quite late, in the 16th century. It sits on a rocky rise near Berwick upon Tweed on the Holy Isle. The island, in turn, is located in Northumberland County. Due to the fact that Lindisfarne is located near the border of England and Scotland, there are many episodes in its history related to the conflict between these two countries. The small castle looks like a fortress, and first of all it was intended to protect the English ships standing here from the Vikings and Scots. The construction of the castle began in 1550, using stones from the monastery, which was already closed by that time. In 1572 the castle was seriously fortified, and the former monastery began to be used to store equipment for ships. Under Elizabeth I, the castle was restored and new platforms for artillery guns were built. After the Scottish and English thrones were unified, the strategic importance of the castle diminished significantly, but it still housed a garrison protecting the port. In the 18th century, the Jacobites captured the castle for a short time, but it was quickly liberated. In the 19th century, Lindisfarne was used as a coast guard port and a tourist attraction. At the very beginning of the 20th century, the castle was bought by the founder of Country Life magazine Edward Hudson. The castle has been restored in the Arts and Crafts style, combining local and classical as well as formal and informal elements.

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Topic: Lindisfarne Castle in the UK.Lindisfarne Castle in the UK

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