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Alnwick Castle in Great Britain

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ImageThis majestic landmark of Great Britain is located right on the border of England and Scotland. The castle was first mentioned in 1096. It is believed that it was founded by the Normans, but at that time only the earliest buildings of the castle were built, mostly wooden. Only a few years later they began to be replaced by stone ones. In 1309, the castle passed to the Dukes of Northumberland, who still own it. This is quite surprising for an English castle - they usually constantly change their owners. The family of counts, of course, for all the time more than once let the castle out of their hands, but he constantly returned to them. The castle park contains a serpentine-style Victorian garden. And in the 19th century, the Italian Garden appeared on the castle grounds. Somewhat later, the old part of the castle was reconstructed in a more modern style. The main feature of the castle is the Great Cascade. It represents the cascading masses of water that end with delightful fountains. The computer controls these fountains so that the water forms four patterns. Also noteworthy is the formal ornamental garden, with chic ponds and a rose garden. During its history, the castle was destroyed only once, unlike many other castles in England. It has been completely restored. At a certain period, the castle housed the headquarters of the military who fought against the Scots. There is a legend that the owner of the castle had a servant - an evil and jealous person. After he died, people began to notice a ghost in the castle. A little later, people in the castle began to die from an unknown disease, which was associated with a ghost. After that, the priest and several daredevils dug up the servant's body, which was allegedly filled with blood. The body was burned, deaths, accordingly, stopped, and since then the castle is known only for its picturesque places. Several scenes from the films"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" were filmed in this castle. The castle leaves an inexplicable sense of uneasiness for all visitors - however, this is only a first impression. At the end of the tour, only the gardens and parks remain in the memory, the creation of which the designers have spent centuries.

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Topic: Alnwick Castle in Great Britain.Alnwick Castle in Great Britain

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