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Palace Church in Germany, Dresden spa

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One of the best attractions in Dresden is the Palace Church, built on the banks of the Elbe in 1755. This church is made in the high baroque style and attracts attention with its 85-meter bell tower. A graceful balustrade decorated with 78 statues in niches looks very expressive.

A huge church organ located inside the church is especially popular among tourists. This organ is considered the most beautiful work of Strebelman. In general, the interior of the Palace Chuch is of particular admiration for visitors. The covered galleries are solemnly and refined. The chair of Balthazar Permos has a skillful carved ornament. The interior design culminates in the impressive altarpiece depicting the Ascension of the Lord (by the sculptor Menges).

In addition to skillful architectural performance, the Palace Church has   special value for   history of Germany. Inside the four church crypts, the remains of Saxon kings and queens lie. Also in the church   an urn with the ashes of the legendary ruler of Saxony is kept   August the Strong (the body was buried in Krakow).

The interior of the church was completely burned out after the bombing of Dresden in 1945. The exact restoration was completed in the post-war years. Since 1980, the Palace Church has acquired the status of a cathedral, and services are held in it. But it has been noticed that almost all visitors to Dresden are eager to see this beautiful church.

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Topic: Palace Church in Germany, Dresden spa.Palace Church in Germany, Dresden spa

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