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Pillnitz palace in Germany, resort Bavaria

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Medieval castles are undoubtedly one of the most interesting architectural monuments of Dresden.   Palaces of Pilnitz – magnificent buildings in the late baroque style. Situated on the banks of the Elbe, they create the most beautiful views from the Middle Ages.

The Piltnitz Palace complex is considered one of the most outstanding buildings of the time of Augustus the Strong. One of the first was built Pilnitz Castle – the famous summer residence of August the Strong . Created at the beginning of the 18th century by the project of the architect Peppelman, the castle consists of two buildings: the Mountain Palace and the Water Palace. Water Palace built on the very shore in the XIII century and personifies the luxury and grandeur of medieval Germany. The Lustgarten Garden with pavilions and greenhouses in the Baroque style, located near the castle, causes constant admiration for tourists. On the opposite bank stands the Berlage Palace, or Mountain Palace. Its refined and noble architecture, perfectly integrated into the landscape, is striking in its beauty. The palace houses an interesting museum of ancient crafts. A visit to the museum leaves an unforgettable experience, as you can see the works of the best medieval masters in it. Here you will find unique furniture, samples of antique textiles, musical instruments, dishes from   glass and faience. The ensemble of Pilnitz palaces also includes New Palace – a classic example of the Baroque style in Germany. It was built at the beginning of the 19th century to connect the Vodny and Gorny palaces of early construction.

Shposswashen and Flidlerhov – these are palaces, which   represent neoclassical architecture, but also fit perfectly into the general architectural rhythm of the Pilnitz palaces.

Natural unity of architecture and nature – a distinctive feature of the Pillnitz palace. In terms of popularity among tourists, this palace ensemble on the Elbe is slightly inferior, perhaps, only to the Dresden Gallery. It is difficult to determine which castle is the best. They all make up a single composition, complement each other,

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Topic: Pillnitz palace in Germany, resort Bavaria.Pillnitz palace in Germany, resort Bavaria

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