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Theater Royal, Bristol Resort, Great Britain

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ImageTheater Royal is a theater in Bristol, UK. The Royal Theater on King Street was built between 1746 and 1766. It is one of the oldest theaters in the UK and an English heritage site. The Royal Theater includes a complex of buildings: the main hall, a theater studio, side annexes, basements and a number of others. The theater was built in 1764-1766. The design of the building was traditional and modeled on the Royal Theater in London. The architect was Thomas Pati, who also supervised the construction work. However, he used drawings by James Saunders, who helped build the Richmond theater in 1765. The Royal Theater in Bristol opened in May 1766. Over time, the theater was completed and developed. However, in 1903 the building was demolished. By 1972, a new building designed by Peter Moreau was completed. In the 70s, the theater regularly held performances, including tours. By the end of the 80s. decreased funding. Soon, a new director, Andrew Nau, came to the theater, who was able to attract a large audience. By the beginning of the 2000s. the theater flourished again. In 2007, large-scale reconstruction works were carried out in the theater. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Theater Royal, Bristol Resort, Great Britain.Theater Royal, Bristol Resort, Great Britain

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