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Old Vic in the UK, London resort

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Old Vic is a theater in London, founded in 1818 and during its existence has changed several names. Opened as' Royal Coburg Theater"in 1880, he received the name" Royal Victorian Theater", then in The Royal Victoria Hall, abbreviated by the public to popular Old Vic.

The Royal Coburg Theater was founded by James King and Daniel Dunn, who won the favor of Prince Leopold and the princess Charlotte, in 1818. It was on behalf of Prince Leopold (Saxe-Coburg) that it received name theater. The theater was not the largest and most popular, it was banned staging major dramas. In 1824 it became the property of W. B. Davidge, who raised the theater to a new level, glorified the actor Edmund Keane, who played six Shakespeare plays six nights in a row every week. In 1833 the theater received a new name - in honor of Princess Victoria, heiress of the English throne - to the Royal Victorian Theater.

In 1880, the theater was renamed again, but came into use and something else -"Old Vic", was strengthened in the minds of the townspeople. During this period on stage the theater hosted not only performances, but also lectures held to obtain financial aid from Morley College.

Today, one of the factors attracting the viewer is that the theater is directed by the famous American actor Kevin Spacey.

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Topic: Old Vic in the UK, London resort.Old Vic in the UK, London resort

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