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Theater Royal in York, York Resort

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ImageThe Royal Theater of York is a theater founded in York in 1744 on the site of St. Leonard's Hospital. Parts of the walls and arches of the hospital can be found in the modern theater building, they fit quite organically. The Royal Theater of York was built in place of the Theater in the Ministerial Court, created in 1734 with the support of the city corporation and designed by the architect Thomas Keregan. In 1769, Tate Wilkinson bought a royal patent, giving the right to call the theater royal, and several other privileges. T. Wilkinson, in addition to the York Theater, owned several more in different cities. He owned one of the leading provincial theater companies, which allowed him to attract the best actors of his time to his theaters. Over time, the theater has been somewhat modified and modernized. In the 1880s. the theater was rebuilt in the Victorian style, in 1880 the facade was rebuilt in the Victorian Gothic style, it was decorated with images of Queen Elizabeth I and characters from Shakespeare's plays. The last large-scale renovation work was carried out in 1967, which resulted in the creation of a new modernist foyer. ImageImageImage

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Topic: Theater Royal in York, York Resort.Theater Royal in York, York Resort

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