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Suomen Joutsen in Finland, Turku resort

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Suomen Joutsen is a museum ship in Turku, a former training ship ship of the Finnish Navy.

The sailing ship was built and launched in 1902 in the French city of Saint-Nazaire. Then the ship was named after Dr. Rene Laennek"Laennecom". On its maiden voyage, the sailboat collided with the British a cargo ship that sank as a result of the collision. After the repair work Laennec was involved in the transportation of saltpeter from Chile to Europe.

After the storm of 1911, the sailboat hit a stone pier in one of the ports of Spain, then the hull was badly damaged. In three years the sailboat again got into a storm, in which the mainmast fell to the port side of the vessel. During the First World War, the sailing ship transported secret cargo from the United States to Europe. In 1921, the frigate was bought by the Hamburg company HH Schmidt & Co and renamed"Oldenburg". The vessel was used as a training vessel in the composition of the company's merchant fleet.

In 1930, Finland acquired Oldenburg for use for educational purposes. At this time, the sailboat was renamed in honor of one of the symbols of Finland - whooper swan - in Suomen Joutsen (Swan of Finland). During the Winter War, and later the Continuation War, the ship was used as a floating submarine base.

After the wars, shipping in the Baltic Sea began to decline. Suomen Joutsen began to operate less and less. In 1956, the ship was moored on the Aura river, not far from the Martinsilta bridge. Soon it housed a maritime vocational school that operated until 1991. This year at the frigate underwent a large-scale restoration, after which the ship was transferred to property of the maritime center Forum Marinum. Today the sailboat is a museum one of the unofficial symbols of the city. Quite often held here various celebrations, meetings and other events.

In the twin city of Turku, St. Petersburg, at the intersection Turku and Prazhskaya streets have a playground with a miniature a copy of the frigate, on the nose of which a flying swan is depicted, as well as on the bow the original ship. On the three masts of the toy ship the National flag of Finland.

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Topic: Suomen Joutsen in Finland, Turku resort.Suomen Joutsen in Finland, Turku resort

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