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HMS Victory in the UK, Portsmouth Resort

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ImageHMS Victory ("Victory") - 104-gun battleship I rank of the Royal Navy of Great Britain. The construction of the ship began in 1759, and in the spring of 1765 it was already launched. The vessel"Victory" took part in numerous naval battles, in particular in the Battle of Trafalgar, when Admiral Nelson was mortally wounded on board. After 1812, the ship did not take part in hostilities, and since 1922 it has been permanently docked at the Historic Dock in Portsmouth. Today the ship has been restored to its original state, as it was during the Battle of Trafalgar, it houses a museum - the main attraction of the city - the most interesting and popular with tourists. The vessel"Victory" was launched in 1765, two years after the end of the Seven Years War. The active operation of the ship began in 1778, when the Admiralty decided to arm and prepare the ship for military service. The entry of the ship into hostilities was a consequence of the events taking place then. In the spring of 1778, Louis XVI, King of France, recognized the North American states as independent from England and announced his desire to establish economic and trade relations with America. So rumors of an impending war spread, and the British Admiralty began to gather all its forces. The Victory became the flagship of the Canal Fleet under the command of Augustus Keppel. The first captain of the Victory was John Lindsay. The ship was prepared and armed for about 2.5 months, George II arrived at Chatham, inspected the ship, after which it was transferred to Portsmouth. The Victory was the lead ship of the left battalion attacking the combined French and Spanish squadron. During the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Nelson was on the bridge of the ship, in uniform and with all the regalia, he inspired everyone to battle. However, during the battle, the ship"Victory" had to engage in a boarding battle, in which the admiral was mortally wounded. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: HMS Victory in the UK, Portsmouth Resort.HMS Victory in the UK, Portsmouth Resort

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