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Barque”Passat” in Germany, resort Lubeck

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Barque"Passat" is a popular tourist attraction in Lubeck. Currently, this four-masted barque functions as a floating museum and a youth hotel.

The vessel was built in March 1911 and launched in September of the same year. The first voyage of the barque took place at the end of 1911. Following from Hamburg to Chile, the ship immediately passed one of the most serious trials at Cape Horn. This area is famous for constant storms, the captains who managed to go around this cape are among the chosen navigators. Throughout its history, the ship `` Passat '' swam this way 39 times.

After the appearance of chemical fertilizers and   synthetic nitrate flights to Chile have been discontinued. In 1932, the Passat was sold to Gustav Erikson, a Finnish shipowner. Before World War II, the ship was engaged in transporting grain to Australia. During this time, the crew managed to win the Wheat Regatta three times. The ship won another victory in the regatta in 1949. Soon the Passat received an auxiliary engine, after which it became a training vessel.

In 2011, a solemn celebration of the 100th anniversary of the sailboat took place. The celebration was attended by the Russian sailing ships Mir, Sedov and « Kruzenshtern ».


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Topic: Barque”Passat” in Germany, resort Lubeck.Barque”Passat” in Germany, resort Lubeck

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