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Museum Ship”Great Britain” in the UK, Bristol Resort

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ImageMuseum Ship"Great Britain" - a ship that was formerly an ocean liner, plying between Bristol and New York. "Great Britain" was built and launched in 1843 at the Bristol shipyards. Prince Albert was present at the descent. It was a passenger steamer, one of the most modern at the time. The vessel was designed by engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the talented creator of the famous Clifton Bridge in Bristol. At that time, mainly steamboats with a metal hull were built, less often - steamers with a screw engine, and the"Great Britain" was the first ship equipped with both. It was also the first metal steamer to cross the ocean. This happened in 1845 and took only 14 days. Shipbuilders of the 19th century quickly noted the advantages of the metal hull of the ship: lightness, maneuverability, not susceptible to destruction from rot and wood-boring beetles. In addition, wood in England rose in price, and metal became cheaper. Three decks were built on the ship, two upper - passenger, and the lower deck - cargo. The vessel is 98 meters long. "Great Britain" made several flights Bristol-New York, but in each voyage there were some breakdowns and damage. For example, in 1846 a ship ran aground off the coast of Ireland due to a navigational error. Due to numerous problems, the shipping company suffered losses, and soon the ship was sold. Since 1851, the liner has been flying to Australia, carrying emigrants on board. After the"Great Britain" was used as a floating coal storage in the Falkland Islands. In 1970, the ship was returned to Bristol, where, after extensive restoration work, it became a museum. Today the ship is in dry dock; The hull of the ship is closed at the waterline with glass, under which a certain level of humidity is maintained to avoid corrosion. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Museum Ship”Great Britain” in the UK, Bristol Resort.Museum Ship”Great Britain” in the UK, Bristol Resort

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