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Karhunkierros (Bear's Ring) in Finland

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ImageKarhunkierros (Bear Ring) is a hiking trail in Finland. Most of it runs through the Oulanka National Park. The route was first marked in 1954. today Karhunkierros is the most popular hiking trail in the country. The most favorable period for visiting is September, when the surrounding nature is colored with stunning bright colors. The route traditionally runs from north to south, but often runs in the opposite direction. At the beginning of the route in the north, there are several entry points: Ristikallio and Savilampi car parks (in this case, the route is 70 kilometers), Houtajarvi tourist center (about 80 kilometers of the way). From the south, you can enter the route through the ski resort of Ruka Rukatunturi. The main part of the route runs along the Kitka and Oulanka rivers, approaching the border zone of Russia. It also passes near the village of Yuma, crossing the tourist center of the Oulanka National Park. It is assumed that the Karhunkierros route is completed in 5-7 days. The route is not difficult, it is all marked with yellow markers. The terrain along which the route passes is characterized by swampy plains and coniferous forests. The summer route runs from Hautajarvi to the tourist center of Oulanka, which takes two days; then the route goes to the village of Yuma (two more days), from it - to the resort of Rukatunturi (two days). The winter route is a little more difficult, it requires special training and equipment. Along the Karhunkierros route, log cabins have been built. As part of the day's journey along the route, they are often encountered, in them you can shelter from the rain and relax. However, during the tourist seasons it is better to take a tent with you, there may not be enough places in the houses for everyone. In the southern part of the route there are many cottages, hotels at the Ruka ski resort for tourists. The route has several peculiarities: a fire can be made only at specially marked parking lots; river water is potable; in the tourist center of the Oulanka National Park, in the village of Yuma, in Hautajarvi and Rukatunturi, you can replenish food and other necessities. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Karhunkierros (Bear's Ring) in Finland.Karhunkierros (Bear's Ring) in Finland

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