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Lympne Castle in the UK

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ImageThis medieval castle is located in Kent, in the small village of Lympne. The area in which the castle is located has had a certain strategic importance since the time of the Romans. The castle, built in the XIII century, survived the Norman and Danish invasions in its lifetime. For a long time, its owners were the archbishops of Canterbury, including Thomas Becket. In the 19th century, the castle fell into serious decline, but a century later it was reconstructed, adding several outbuildings to the building. The castle served as a military function even during the Second World War - there was an observation post for the airspace of England. The castle is also famous for the recording of several tracks from the album Back to the Egg by Paul McCartney's Winds in 1978. Now it is not so easy to get into the castle - it is privately owned and access to it is limited.

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Topic: Lympne Castle in the UK.Lympne Castle in the UK

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