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Launceston Castle in the UK

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ImageThis castle was located in the town of the same name back in 1067. It was originally a small wooden watchtower built to guard the route to Cornwall. At the end of the 12th century, a stone donjon was erected on the main hill of the fortress. In the early 1200s, the county of Cornwall existed without a ruler, but in 1227 it was donated by King Henry III to his brother Richard. Richard remained ruler of the county until 1272. During his reign, Richard significantly transformed the castle: he built a powerful watchtower, replaced the wooden palisade with stone walls, and erected gate towers from the south and north. After Richard's death, the administrative center of the county was moved from Launceston, due to which the castle lost its former importance, remaining, however, a prison and a court. Gradually, the castle fell into decay, and by 1650 it literally lay in ruins - only the North Watchtower remained suitable for habitation. It was partially destroyed in 1764, when a stone was needed to build a new house near the North Gate. Gradually, both the court and the prison moved from the castle, and the surrounding area was turned into a park. Now only ruins remain of the castle, which still attract tourists.

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Topic: Launceston Castle in the UK.Launceston Castle in the UK

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