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Parsberg Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Parsberg Castle – the castle, which was the residence of the Parsberg family, located in the city bearing the same name. The first mention of the castle dates back to 1205.

In 1314, the owner of the castle, Dietrich von Parsberg, participated in the uprising of Count Palatine Rudolf I against Duke Ludwig of Bavaria, his brother. Ludwig of Bavaria, in turn, destroyed the castle after a short siege.

The castle was later rebuilt. By the end of the 16th century, the fortifications were significantly expanded. The Upper Castle was also built   and its distinctive towers, decorated with domed domes.

Parsberg Castle was destroyed in 1632 during the Thirty Years War. Soon the castle was rebuilt, the lower castle – expanded. Since the 19th century, the castle has become the official seat of the local court of Parsberg and the nearby towns of Felburg and Lupburg.

In 1918, the castle was transferred to Bavaria. The castle remained unused until 1974 as a result of the local government reform and after the abolition of Parsburg. Since 1974, the castle, which belonged to Parsburg, was rented out. Events of the city authorities were held here. In 1980, the administration moved from Parsburg Castle to the City Hall.

Since 1981, the Lower Castle has been exhibiting exhibits from the collection of the Museum of Folklore and Contemporary History.

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Topic: Parsberg Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.Parsberg Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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