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Dachau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Dachau Castle – castle, the former summer residence of the Wittelsbach family ruling Bavaria, located in the city of Dachau. The castle was built for the younger branch of the family in 1100. The last Count of Dachau, Conrad III, died in 1182, leaving no heirs. Then the castle passed into the ownership of Duke Otto I of Bavaria. At the beginning of the 15th century, the castle was destroyed.

On the site of the old castle, by order of William IV of Bavaria and his son Albrecht, a Renaissance palace was built, surrounded by a lush green garden. The construction was carried out according to the designs of Heinrich Shettl and Wilhelm Egkl, court architects from Munich. Started in 1546, construction work was completed in 1577.

Later, Dachau Castle became a favorite residence for the rulers of Bavaria. Under Maximilian II, the palace was rebuilt in the Baroque style by the architect Josef Effner.

Previously, the castle had four wings, but today only the southwestern one has survived. The rest, by order of King Maximilian I, were demolished at the beginning of the 19th century, after significant damage sustained during the attacks of Napoleon's troops.

Today the Dachau Palace is run by the Bavarian administration of the state palaces of Bavaria. Guided tours are organized for visitors. Concerts of classical music are often held here. The main attraction in the palace – it is a banquet hall created by Hans Wiesreutter in 1564-1566. and refurbished by 1977. Its distinctive feature is – Renaissance coffered ceiling. In the garden behind the palace

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Topic: Dachau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.Dachau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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