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Deuring Schlossle in Austria, Bregenz spa

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The Douring Palace, located in the old part of Bregenz, is a historical architectural monument and one of the main tourist attractions in the city. Nowadays, the palace houses a first-class Austrian hotel.

In the 17th century, John Doiring, having looked after an old defensive fortress, decided to transform it into a luxurious castle. To do this, he invited the famous Austrian architect Michael Kuen.

In 1989, the castle was reconstructed, after which a hotel was opened in it. The interior has also undergone reconstruction, but its appearance has been preserved in its original form, which today allows you to plunge into the aristocratic past.

Nowadays, Douring Palace combines ancient traditions, centuries-old history and modernity. The rooms of the palace have an elegant design – equipped with elegant carpets, antique furniture and other necessary amenities.

One of the luxurious rooms of the castle is the Hall of the Knights, which houses a unique fireplace. The upper floors are accessed by a majestic oak staircase.

The hotel restaurant will offer visitors gourmet cuisine from the best chefs in Austria, as well as a collection of wines stored in the palace cellar.

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Topic: Deuring Schlossle in Austria, Bregenz spa.Deuring Schlossle in Austria, Bregenz spa

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