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Attems Palace in Austria, Graz resort

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Attems Palace is a beautiful baroque building. It was built in 1702-1716 on the place where 5 old houses were located before. The luxurious mansion was built for the Attems Ignaz family. The palace was designed and designed by the architect Joachim Carlone, using a large number of Italian decorative elements.

The influential Attems family owned the palace for over 250 years. The first floor of the mansion was used by the owners to receive guests, while the second floor housed an art gallery, library and living rooms.

Attems Palace has well preserved its original baroque appearance with the characteristic features of buildings of that time. The characteristic features of the mansion are the majestic staircase, which is decorated with stucco decorations and frescoes, the facade of the building is elegantly decorated.  

The interior of the palace makes it possible to get an accurate picture of the aristocratic life of that era. All rooms are decorated with stucco and tiles, and the furniture corresponds to the spirit of that era and is made in the same style.

Currently, this palace has the ability to rent a hall for any celebration.


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Topic: Attems Palace in Austria, Graz resort.Attems Palace in Austria, Graz resort

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