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Waldbuhne in Austria, Berlin resort

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Waldbuhne – an open forest theater with a capacity of about 22 thousand people. The theater used to be called the Open Theater of Dietrich Eckart, in honor of the famous follower of National Socialism. The theater in the ancient Greek style was erected in 1936 to the north-west of the Olympic Stadium on the eve of the Olympic Games. During the Olympics, several theatrical performances were staged here, but mainly gymnastics competitions were held here.

After the end of World War II, the theater was renamed. The exhibits of the Berlin Film Festival were exhibited here and boxing matches were held. By 1960, the restoration of the theater was completed and since 1961 Waldbuhne – one of the best rock venues in Berlin. However, in 1965 the theater was destroyed again: fans of the Rolling Stones, frustrated by the short-lived concert, made a riot, smashing theater benches and getting into a fight with the police, which lasted about four hours. The scene took seven years to recover. This incident resulted in the suppression of the beatnik movement in the GDR.


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Topic: Waldbuhne in Austria, Berlin resort.Waldbuhne in Austria, Berlin resort

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