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Theater of Dionysus in Greece, resort of Athens

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Theater of Dionysus today is one of the oldest theaters in the world. The theater was built in the 5th century BC. and was originally wooden. Theatrical performances were held here twice a year – during the Minor and Great Dionysios.   They were held over several days and included a daily continuous performance of 4 pieces,   lasting 10-15 hours. During the performances, the townspeople were freed from all work and even received a salary for visiting the theater.

Around 326-325 BC. the theater has undergone reconstruction – the wooden rows of seats and the stage were replaced with marble ones. At that time, the theater could already accommodate up to 17 thousand spectators.

Due to the overall dimensions, there were no roof overlaps, and therefore, the choir, the actors and spectators were in the open air during the performances, and all the stage performances were performed in natural light.

In the first row, 67 marble chairs were installed, especially for the respectable and influential spectators. Each chair was engraved with the name and title of the owner.

In the 1st century AD. the theater was rebuilt for gladiatorial and circus performances, as evidenced by the high side located in front of the first rows.

One of the interesting and artistic attractions of the theater is the sculptural frieze with funny satyrs, made during the reign of Emperor Nero.

Near the theater, you can also watch other ancient monuments – the stones of Pericles Odeon, as well as the ruins of the temples of Dionysus.

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Topic: Theater of Dionysus in Greece, resort of Athens.Theater of Dionysus in Greece, resort of Athens

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