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Fortress Marienberg in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Fortress Marienberg – an imposing fortress located not far from Wurzburg.

In the days of the Celts, on the hill where the fortress stands, there was a settlement and a sacred place of pagans. The oldest church in Wurzburg, the Marienkirche, was built here, where bishops were buried. Nearby is the Church of St. Burkhard.

The fortress has been rebuilt many times over the years. The oldest fragments of the fortress are over a thousand years old. Fortress Marienberg from 1253 to 1719 was the residence of the princes-bishops of Wurzburg. In the middle of the 16th century, the reconstruction of the fortress into a Renaissance castle began, and in 1631, during the Thirty Years War, the Swedes who conquered the fortress rebuilt the fortress in the Baroque style, having broken a princely garden nearby.

In the 17th century, by order of Johann Philip von Schonborn, additional structures and bastions were completed. Inside the fortress itself, a well was dug with a depth of more than 100 meters. Marienberg was shelled in 1866 by the Prussian army during the campaign to Main. Then it was a royal fortress, but nevertheless, the artillery was able to respond to the attack and until the signing of the peace agreement, Marienberg was not taken.

Today the Marienberg Fortress houses the Main Franconian Museum and the Furstenbau Museum. The fortress has become one of the most notable places in Wurzburg.


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Topic: Fortress Marienberg in Germany, Bavaria resort.Fortress Marienberg in Germany, Bavaria resort

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