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Sandringham Palace in the UK

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ImageSandringham Palace is a private estate owned by the Windsor Dynasty. This building is located in Norfolk County and is surrounded by 20 thousand acres of hunting grounds. The Windsors acquired Sandringham Palace in 1862 and was formerly owned by Lord Palmerston's adopted son. The manor was needed by the Prince of Wales, who was going to marry Alexandra of Denmark and wanted a good place for hunting. At his request, Queen Victoria acquired the palace. At the prince's request, all Sandringham's watches were moved forward by thirty minutes, so that the heir would have the opportunity to engage in his favorite hunt for longer in the winter. The newly minted wife of Prince Alexander of Wales fell in love with this castle, as a result of which the"young court" began to gather there constantly. Gradually the family was replenished, so it was decided to expand the building of the estate. Thus, the Anninsky was mingled with the slender Tudor architectural style. As for the internal equipment, it was made at that time according to the latest technology: there was gas lighting, a drain in the toilet and even some kind of shower. When her husband died, Queen Alexandra remained in her beloved estate, where she died. The life of her son George V, who specially built a small York cottage among the park, and grandson George VI, also ended there. The current Queen of England, Elizabeth, also loves to visit Sandringham with her family, especially on important anniversaries and New Years. Haakon VII even managed to live on the estate, who became the future king of Norway. He lived with his wife, a British by birth, in the Appleton House on the outskirts of the estate. Their only heir, Ulaf V. ImageImageImageImageImage

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Topic: Sandringham Palace in the UK.Sandringham Palace in the UK

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