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ImageKings are also people who sometimes need a break from the busy social life and luxury. Kew Palace became such a refuge for the families of a number of British monarchs. The palace, which looks more like a country estate, has preserved the memory of the everyday life of the royal family. Kew Palace is the smallest royal palace in Great Britain. This modest building is not intended to shock with its scale and splendor; its main decoration is the greenery of the gardens and the attractive"Flemish masonry". The royal residence has 3 floors, built of red brick, reminiscent of the Dutch style. The building is distinguished by a snow-white 4-column portico, a balustrade and rounded roof elements. The palace was built by the wealthy merchant Samuel Fortry in 1631. The building came to the royal family in 1728 after Queen Carolina rented the estate, and soon it became her favorite residence. It is known that the Prince of Wales, son of George II Frederick, lived in the 18th century near the palace. Thanks to him, botanical gardens appeared near the palace. Now the gardens are world famous, they were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. When visiting the palace, it is worth exploring the green splendor that surrounds it. Kew Palace was opened to the public in the 19th century by Queen Victoria. In modern times, the building is a major landmark. Not so long ago, restoration was completed in it. Now tourists have access to all interior delights - antique furniture, interior and exterior decoration with decorative elements in the best traditions of the era of King George III and Queen Charlotte. Guests of the palace can look into the royal chambers, where everything has remained unchanged since the time of George III. Thanks to this, here you can find out how the royal children were brought up, how the king rested, what needlework the queen was fascinated with. It is also interesting to look at the kitchen of the palace, where the two-century-old interior was restored with special care. Among the most popular exhibits here are the dollhouse of the royal daughters, made in the 18th century, the vest of George III, the bust of George III, Kew Palace is still used by monarchs for its intended purpose at times. So in 200, Prince Charles hosted a dinner here to celebrate the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth. Entrance to the gardens and palace is paid.

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