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UK Bleakling Hall

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ImageThe name Blickling Hall is the estate located in the county of Norfolk and owned by the Earls of Buckinghamshire from the Hobart family. This estate was erected under King James I, then the ancestor of the family, Judge Hobart, settled here. Even during the reign of the Tudors, this estate was owned by the Boleyn family. A popular legend is connected with this that the ghost of the representative of the family of Queen Anne Boleyn, who, as you know, was beheaded, appears here every year on the anniversary of her execution. However, according to historical records, she did not live in the mansion, her father Thomas moved from the estate even before Anna was born. One of the most famous gardeners in Britain, Humphrey Repton, was once engaged in the design of the backyard, the park is magnificent and exemplary to this day. Blickling Hall also has an old rich library, which was actively replenished by all the owners of the estate. Today the historic manor is guarded and protected by the National Trust.

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Topic: UK Bleakling Hall.UK Bleakling Hall

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