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Kensington Palace in the UK

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ImageIn the west of London, in Kensington County, one of the most modest and compact palaces in Great Britain is located - Kensington Palace. It is located in a picturesque place surrounded by Kensington Gardens, which were part of Hyde Park until the 18th century. Previously, Kensington Palace was a private mansion that was built in 1605 for the Earl of Nottingham. However, in 1689, the building's favorable location attracted the attention of King William III and his wife Mary II Stuart. They entrusted the work to improve the residence to the architect Christopher Ray. He added a number of royal apartments to the estate, renovated the facade, built a chapel and stables. Taking a tour of the palace, you can see the majestic apartments on the upper floors of the palace, on which the most famous English architects worked. You should pay attention to the staircase, which is made in the framework of the Venetian Baroque style and decorated with illusionist painting. Upstairs is the Queen's Gallery, where portraits of British monarchs are on oak panels. There is also an unusual clock that shows not only what time it is, but also the direction of the wind. The queen's private chambers and study are furnished as close as possible to the old days. Even toys and dolls that belonged to Queen Victoria, born in Kensington Palace, have been preserved here. The Queen has a whole exposition entitled"Secrets of Queen Victoria". The basement of the building accommodated luxurious aristocratic dresses and outfits of Queen Victoria and other royal persons. In particular, the wedding dress of Queen Victoria, the coronation attire of King George III and Princess Diana's dresses are in the public domain. By the way, Kensington Palace acquired world fame after the death of Princess Diana, who lived in this residence. At the moment, the palace belongs to Diana's eldest son - Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. Kensington Palace is the first official residence of the young couple. An important part of the trip to Kensington Palace is a walk through Kensington Park. The park, built for the privacy and relaxation of royal families, is distinguished by beautiful alleys and paths laid among the well-groomed greenery. Along the paths of the park, you can walk to the lake, looking at various sculptures along the way, among which the fairytale hero Peter Pan is hidden.

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Topic: Kensington Palace in the UK.Kensington Palace in the UK

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