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Heisingen estate in Germany, Essen spa

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Heisingen manor is located on the right bank of the Ruhr river, in the district of Essen with the same name.

In the 9th century, a small estate that was named Kofeld. It also housed a court protecting the interests of the Frankish population. From the 10th to the 11th century, the estate was gradually developing and turned into a small castle. In the 13th century, the castle became the fiefdom of the Abbey of Verdun.

In 1458, the estate was acquired by Baron Ruprecht I Steel von Holstein. At that time, the estate already bore its current name. The Stahl von Holstein family owned the Heisingen estate until 1696.

In 1709, Coelestin von Geismar, the abbot of the Verdun monastery, acquired the badly dilapidated estate. During that period, the manor turned into a summer residence. Also, during the construction work, a south-western wing was added to the building, and the entire estate was surrounded by a powerful wall. Later, Coelestin's heir Benedict von Geismar built a baroque entrance gate.

In 1803, as a result of secularization, the French state took possession of all the real estate of the Abbey of Verdun, including the estate. In 1815, Heisengen became part of Prussia. At that time, the apartments of the last treasurer and priest of Verdun were located here.

In 1842, a coal mining enterprise acquired the estate as a factory building.

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Topic: Heisingen estate in Germany, Essen spa.Heisingen estate in Germany, Essen spa

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