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ImagePetworth House was built in 1688 in the county of West Sussex in the village of Petworth, near Chichester, as a country residence for the 6th Duke of Somerset named Charles Seymour. Earlier on this place stood another palace that belonged to the medieval Baron Percy, who was also the nephew of Henry III. Later, that building was destroyed, and on the ruins and appeared Petworth House. Only a stone chapel that has survived to this day has been preserved from the old palace. For the last two and a half centuries, the estate has been in the possession of the Wyndham barons. Since 1947, it has not been a private house, but a museum open to all comers. In the museum you can admire a collection of 19 paintings by the famous painter Turner, who loved to visit Petworth House, as well as paintings by Titian and Van Dyck. It also houses an old globe from the Tudor era, which is considered the oldest in the country. The interior of the castle is extremely sophisticated. Here are the ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, one of the most ancient is the statue of the Laconfield Aphrodite of the 4th century. Wall panels are decorated with unique carvings depicting birds and animals. In addition, there are musical instruments skillfully finished by G. Gibbons. Also noteworthy is the park, designed by landscape designer Lancelot Brown. Not surprisingly, the spectacular Petworth House has attracted filmmakers more than once. Films such as"Barry Lyndon" and the TV series"Golden Age" were filmed here. ImageImageImageImage

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