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Fortress Burg Schlaining in Austria, Burgenland resort

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Schleininge Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the federal state of Burgenland. Initially, the fortress was located on the trade route leading through Bernstein from north to south. Later, the fortress became a crossroads for trade routes from Sambathely, Graz, Wiener Neustadt and Sopron.

The castle was first mentioned in documents dated 1271 as a castrum Zloynuk. The castle acquired its present name only in 1786.

The first owners of the castle were representatives of the von Jak family. In 1271 Counts von Hussinger took possession of the castle. In 1336, during the battle with Charles Robert the First of Anjou, Count Gussinger's army was defeated. As a result, the castle passed to the Hungarian crown. The king gave the castle to the Kanitsai family. At the end of the 14th century, King Sigismund pledged the castle to Georg Tompek von Oroszwar and Nicholas Zark von Pesol.

In 1445, Frederick III, after conquering the fortress, gave it to Andreas Baumkirche as a pledge. During that period, the ownership of the castle was expanded – for this, Andreas acquired about 30 villages surrounding the fortress.

In the middle of the 16th century, the Battjani family became the owners of the duchy, which owned the castle until 1849.

In 1957-1980, the castle was owned by Udo Illigu, a former federal minister. After the castle was transferred to the Center for Peace Research (ASPR).

Today the castle houses the Peace Museum, where you can learn about the history of armed conflicts and wars. The exposition is located on two floors of the eastern wing, and consists of four sections – Peace, Violence, Conflict, The World Around.

Permanent exhibitions are presented to the attention of visitors: European Museum of Peace, Collection of Folklore L. Tota"," History of the development and activities of the center for the study of peace problems, conflict resolution"," Optical control systems."
The castle also hosts thematic exhibitions.


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Topic: Fortress Burg Schlaining in Austria, Burgenland resort.Fortress Burg Schlaining in Austria, Burgenland resort

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