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Cafe Niederegger in Germany, Lubeck spa

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"Cafe Niederegger" is a shop-cafe located in the central part of Lubeck, opposite the town hall. The guests of the cafe will enjoy the taste of marzipans and watch the production process of fancy edible figurines.

Marzipan – a confection made from sugar syrup and ground almonds.

Firm Niederegger; was founded by Johann Georg Niederegger in March 1806. The company gained its fame thanks to marzipan sweets, of which today there are more than 200 varieties. After the death of Niederegger, his son-in-law took over the management of the company, thus making candy production a family business.

In the 19th century, the companies continued to flourish and even supplied their goods to the Russian emperor. At the World's Fair in Vienna in 1873, the Niederegger sweets were awarded the prestigious award.

During the Second World War, the cafe was completely destroyed, the company's archives were lost without a trace. In 1948, a new, more modern building appeared on the site of the destroyed building.


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Topic: Cafe Niederegger in Germany, Lubeck spa.Cafe Niederegger in Germany, Lubeck spa

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