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Discovery Palace in France, Paris resort

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Palace of Discovery – the Museum of Discoveries and Inventions was opened in 1937 in the western wing of the Grand Palace.

The palace is located in the 8th administrative district of Paris. A wonderful view of the external decoration of the museum opens from the bridge of Alexander III.

Initially, the Palace of Discovery was supposed to become a competitor to the oldest technical museum in France – Museum of Arts and Crafts. The main rationale for this was the French tradition, which shared the understanding of technology and science in museum exhibitions. Now there is no division, and the museum has turned into a center for additional education. The main visitors are organized groups of French schoolchildren, which absolutely clearly show most of the natural science laws that are studied in the school curriculum.

The museum's exposition is divided into several rooms, each of which is devoted to a particular scientific field: mathematics, wildlife, astronomy and physics. A number of exhibits are interactive, free access is open to visitors. A number of exhibits are equipped so as to arrange small performances for schoolchildren sitting in the spectator seats. For example, a museum worker will clearly show how a steam turbine works, firing up the boiler and regulating the pressure.

The museum is open every weekday, it is better for foreign tourists to come accompanied by a Russian-speaking guide.

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Topic: Discovery Palace in France, Paris resort.Discovery Palace in France, Paris resort

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