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Museum of Magic in France, Paris resort

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Located in the 4th administrative district of Paris, this unusual museum is dedicated to the craft of illusionists. The exposition of the museum is divided into several halls, and covers almost all historical milestones of tricks.

The hall dedicated to the Great Tricks reflects the history of the most spectacular illusionist performances. The hall clearly demonstrates the magician's props, while the guides will tell you about all the secrets of a particular number. In this room you can see what helped illusionists soar in the air back in the 19th century, and their assistants disappear in a cloud of smoke. The props of the very first issue with the sawing of the assistant are also in this museum.

A small hall filled with the attributes of a magician, allows you to see the secrets of illusionist gloves, hats from which rabbits were obtained, magic wands. There are also crystal balls of mediums and ordinary fortune-tellers, caskets with secret compartments that belonged to the ladies of the court.

The other two halls are dedicated to posters of performances from the 19th century, as well as interactive magic tricks. The uniqueness of this room is that any device can be tested in action. Basically, they are developed on a system of deceiving mirrors that distort the space visible to the human eye.

In addition to the Museum of Magic, the Museum of Entertaining Automata is located in the same building. The specificity of the museum is that it contains models of various mechanisms, from the embodiment of da Vinci's drawings to modern toys, based on a mechanism without electronics. Someone calls the exhibits of this museum toys, while others call it a miracle of engineering.


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Topic: Museum of Magic in France, Paris resort.Museum of Magic in France, Paris resort

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