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Institute of France in France, Paris resort

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The French Institute is an architectural ensemble, as well as the union of the official French organizations that make up the National Academy.

The main building of the French Institute is the French Academy. This scientific institution was founded on the initiative of the legendary Cardinal Richelieu, who advocated the active promotion of a deep study of the French language and literature. The building was built in 1635. It was the Institute for the Study of French Literature that became the fundamental home for other scientific institutes.

The building is a luxurious palace with a chapel at the entrance. It was here that under Louis XIV a school for the upper strata of the French nobility was founded, which later received the status of a college. Cardinal Richelieu did not live to see the founding of this college, but his successor Mazarin even bequeathed to be buried in the chapel of the French Academy. According to the bequest of the cardinal, his entire rich library went to this building.

10 years after its foundation, in 1645, the French Academy expanded. The Academy of Painting and Sculpture (since the 19th century – the Academy of Fine Arts), the Academy of Sciences (specializing in the study of natural science), as well as a number of others, including the Academy of Fine Inscriptions, in whose department were all the inscriptions on the pedestals of the monuments of the greatest figures France and the names of Parisian streets.

Since the 18th century, the departments of the academies have been renamed many times, and under Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the buildings of the Sorbonne was located here. By the middle of the 19th century, the status of the French Academy was returned, as were all five Academies of Sciences.

Today, the Institute of France is the main body for reviewing and publishing leading French scientific works. In addition, with the support of the Government of France at the Institute, more than a thousand sponsorship funds were opened, the money of which contains most of the historical monuments of France, museums, libraries. This foundation is also responsible for numerous government prizes awarded for special contributions to the development of French science and art.

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Topic: Institute of France in France, Paris resort.Institute of France in France, Paris resort

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