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Palais Chaillot in France, Paris resort

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Chaillot Palace – one of the exhibition palaces in Paris, erected for the World's Fair.

The palace was built in 1937 in the 16th administrative district of Paris, opposite the Eiffel Tower.

Before the 1937 exhibition, another palace called the Trocadero was located here. The Trocadero was built for the 1878 Exhibition. It was a massive structure that mixed Moorish and Byzantine architectural styles. Inside was a concert hall with a huge organ.

Parts of the dismantled Trocadero were sent to the new Palais de Chaillot. As a result, it consisted of two pavilions, shaped like a crescent moon, connected by a common foyer. In the pavilions, it was decided not only to hold exhibitions, but also to organize museums.

One of the museums located inside Chaillot is the Museum of Man. Today the museum is part of the Paris Museum of Natural History, only here all the exhibits are devoted exclusively to the history of human civilization.

For example, here you can see sculptures brought from Easter Island, there are also separate halls for African sculptures. There are stands with examples of arts and crafts from the Far East. But, basically, the museum exhibits are devoted to the image of a person.  

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Topic: Palais Chaillot in France, Paris resort.Palais Chaillot in France, Paris resort

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