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Herrenhauser Gardens in Germany, Hanover spa

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The Herrenhauser Gardens in Hannover are a favorite place for walks and relaxation for both townspeople and tourists.

The gardens were laid out around the Herrenhauser Palace commissioned by Countess Sophie von der Pfalz, daughter of Elizabeth Stewart and mother of George the First.

The garden complex is divided into four large gardens – Berggarten Garden, Great Garden, Welf Garden and Georg's Garden.

The Great Garden was made in the Baroque style and today is considered one of the most important man-made gardens in Europe. On the territory of the garden there is one of the highest fountains in Europe, a theater and a rather interesting labyrinth. During the Second World War, almost all the structures in the garden were not damaged, which cannot be said about the palace.

Particularly noteworthy is the Berggarten botanical garden, which was originally conceived as a garden for growing vegetables. Later, the garden was decorated with fountains, sculptures and grottoes.

The Welf and Georg Gardens are a favorite place of recreation for the townspeople, where family picnics are often held.


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Topic: Herrenhauser Gardens in Germany, Hanover spa.Herrenhauser Gardens in Germany, Hanover spa

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