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Botanical Garden in France, Rouen resort

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Botanical Garden – famous garden complex in Rouen with a rich history. Louis de Carelle, the founder of the garden, took possession of these lands in 1691. The construction of the garden gate is attributed to this period. Originally there were forests, but the new owner set up a fenced garden and built a summer pavilion. In 1717, the garden was bought by the Scottish banker John Law. It took about twenty years and several owners changed before the garden became open to the public.

From here in 1806, Sophia Blanchard took off in a hot air balloon on a solo flight. Five years later, Napoleon acquired this garden. A century later, the English gardener Craig Calvert built greenhouses here for growing dahlias. After another three decades, the city municipality, Having considered the project of the city botanical garden by Guillaume Dubreuil, he bought the land. The project was completed and the gardens were opened by 1840.

Today, more than 5600 plant taxa representing about 600 species are grown on the territory of the gardens. The Rouen Botanical Garden is famous for its unique collection of fuchsias (991 species), a 1300 square meter rock garden, a section of irises and daylilies, a rose garden.


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Topic: Botanical Garden in France, Rouen resort.Botanical Garden in France, Rouen resort

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