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Luxembourg Gardens in France, Paris resort

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The park area around the Luxembourg Palace is a favorite resting place for Parisians.

The garden was laid out immediately after the palace was built on the personal initiative of Marie de Medici. The territories of the garden were finally formed by 1631. The original composition of the garden was a partial repetition of the Florentine gardens, which were supposed to remind the queen of a distant homeland.

Today, the garden has undergone many transformations. Firstly, its territory has become much larger than under the Medici, and secondly, the garden area was divided into two completely different parts. The southern part of the garden, adjacent to the palace, has remained unchanged: the strict geometric forms of plantings form ideal greenhouses. The northern part of the garden is a classic park in the English tradition. In both halves of the garden you can see fountains, canals, numerous sculptural compositions.

Here, in the Luxembourg Gardens, there is one of the Parisian Statues of Liberty.


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Topic: Luxembourg Gardens in France, Paris resort.Luxembourg Gardens in France, Paris resort

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