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Botanical Garden in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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The foundation of the Prague Botanical Garden, located in the Troja district, took place in 1968, and by 1992 it was open to the public. The complex of the Botanical Garden includes the Japanese Garden, the new greenhouse Fata Morgana, the Mediterranean Collection, the Dientzenhofer Gardens and the Turkish Collection.

The park was originally laid out on the left bank of the Vltava back in 1775 , on the site of the old Jesuit garden. The current Dientzenhofer Gardens are the remains of this garden, which in the 19th century received the status of the best botanical garden north of the Alps. At that time, the garden housed nine greenhouses, in which about 13 thousand varieties of plants grew.

In 1890, during a flood, the garden was badly damaged, after which it was decided to move it to another coast of the Vltava. Since 1846 there has been a society dedicated to the improvement of gardens. In 1882, the first greenhouses were built here, which were used as exhibition pavilions. Soon, part of the garden was bought out for Charles University, which was divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part became a German garden, in which new galleries were erected in 1900, and the lower - – Czech Botanical Garden. A small house for a gardener was built in each garden.

During the Second World War, German greenhouses were destroyed, and the Czech garden was also damaged. Subsequently, both gardens were merged and received the current name.

Greenhouse 'Fata Morgana' notable for the fact that the plants were planted here strictly on a geographical basis. The construction of the greenhouse was completed in 2003, but the grand opening took place only in June 2004. The gallery is located on a southern, sunny slope, outside the area of the garden's external expositions. The greenhouse is divided into three parts, each of which has its own air humidity and temperature.

The park was created for scientific purposes, and, first of all, is a place for the work of scientists who care about protection of natural breeds and plant species, as well as solving other problems. The Botanical Garden is constantly updated with new collections.

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Topic: Botanical Garden in the Czech Republic, Prague spa.Botanical Garden in the Czech Republic, Prague spa

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