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Borbeck Castle in Germany, Essen resort

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Borbeck Castle is one of the most popular attractions in Essen. Since the 1980s, the castle has been a venue for a variety of cultural events.

Borbek is first mentioned in documents dating from 869. According to documents, this place was previously called Bortbeck and was one of nine courts that paid tribute to the Abbey of Essen.

In 1227, a trial was held between the owner of Borbeck, the knight Hermann von Borbeck and Adelheid von Wildenberg for the right to own the property. As a result, with the support of Adolf von Gimnich, the imperial vogt, Hermann von Borbeck won the case.

In 1288, Borbeck was bought by Abbess Bertha von Arnsberg to build a castle of the same name on this land.

Since the 14th century, the castle has been used as the residence of the Abbess of Essen Abbey. A document from 1372 states that the castle was already fortified at that time. Soon the local court authorities were housed in the castle.

In the 15th century, a mint was opened in the castle, where the Borbek grosz coins were minted; and 'Borbeck guilder'.

A massive fire in 1493 burned down the stables and gate fortifications. During the Dutch bourgeois revolution (1568-1648) the castle was seriously damaged, but it was completely restored by 1598.

In the 20s of the same century, the castle was acquired by Freiherr Clemens von Fursenberg. In 1842, during the reconstruction, the building acquired the features of classicism; farm buildings, stables and a building for servants were also built. In 1846, a lattice openwork gate from the Huguenpot castle was installed at the entrance to the park. In 1879, the Fursenbergs leave Borbeck Castle, after which it ceases to be used as a residence.
During the Second World War, several concrete bunkers were built in the park. Currently, the castle houses a regional registry office and a music school; seminars and exhibitions are also often held here. Cozy restaurant 'Mint' located in the basement of the castle.

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Topic: Borbeck Castle in Germany, Essen resort.Borbeck Castle in Germany, Essen resort

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